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BSc-BEd Labs

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Psychology Lab: The Psychological test suggested by affiliating university like intelligence test, creativity tests, sentence completion test, Picture completion test, personality development test, concept achievement test, General class room achievement test, mirror drawing apparatus, memory drum and card scoring tray are available in the lab.

Science and Mathematics Lab : The lab contains various charts, Modals, Specimens, apparatus, equipment, Chemicals  and reagents related to physical and life science, microscope, specimen of human Skeleton etc, are also available

The lab also comprises different types of charts pictures related to mathematics , static and dynamic modals, weighing and measuring instrument and geometry kit, Thermometer, bar magnet, pulleys , beads , balls , Sticks , pebbles match bones and stencils for geometrical figures.

Social studies Lab: In this lab charts, modals, globe , pictures , scrap book , modal lesson plans time lines, maps, Atlas, rain gauge , measuring instruments , wind wane, drawing material, sides and transparencies of different geographical and historical places are available.

Computer lab cum Educational technological lab: Computers on LAN, printer, Overhead projector, Slide projector, LCD, Television, Radio, Tape-recorder, CD player, Audio and Video castes related to curriculum are available in this lab.

Art and Craft/ Work experience lab: Molds of chalk and candle making equipment s for gardening , Tables , Drawing materials, Charts, Scale, Brushes, Colours and other stationary materials present in the lab. The provision for making best out of waste, Rangoli and flower arrangements is also made available.