Bachelor of Science

B.Sc. course is added to the column of SBPGM in the year 2015. This three year programme allows the students to study various aspects of Mathematics to an advanced level. The broad objective of starting the course is to transmit worthy Pedagogy and tutelage to the students in the field of science.

Objectives of B.Sc:

1. To develop a reputable scholarly level seeking to reveal the various concepts in Mathematics.

2. To enhance the analytical and problem solving skills.

3. To pursue a mathematicians habit of thought and reasoning.

4. To develop a culture of research in young minds.

5. Evolution of students’ proficiency by evolving a learner centered curriculum.

6. To uplift the students to endorse scientific probity and objectivity in professional endeavors.

7.  To prepare students for various employments available in industries.

 8. To prepare students for undertaking higher education & research as a career.